Drywall Carrier

Drywall CarrierThere are several types of tools, including the drywall carrier that you might be interested in using for your next project. First of all, you need to know what these are. Designed to be a handy tool, it attaches to the top of the sheet, giving you a handy way to move it from place to place without struggling with it. If you have ever tried to move several sheets from place to place by yourself, then you know how difficult it can be. There are very few among us that have arms that are actually wide enough to comfortably and securely carry these alone.

Before choosing, you have to understand how they work. Most types have spring hinged jaws that open up and clamp on the top of the sheets of drywall, plywood or other items that you are going to carry. Not all types of these tools are created equal however, so make sure that you understand how many sheets or how much weight yours will be able to handle. In addition to having strong jaws, most of these will also have some kind of padding so that there is no damage to your sheeting once you close the jaws back down.

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However, in the case of easily damaged items, especially sheetrock, you might consider using additional padding to be sure that you are not breaking pieces off or completely ruining the entire surface. Once the sheets and the padding (if you are using it) are in place, you close the jaws and then lock them in place. You want to make sure that the type you choose actually has a secure locking mechanism, especially if you are going to be trying to move up a set of steps or for any distance. Nothing is more disappointing than getting almost all the way to your destination only to have your tool fail you at the last moment.

If you are using the tool only just for one time, you might want to choose to rent or borrow rather than buy a new one. However, you might find that they are handy to have around and might choose to buy one for yourself. These are meant to protect your sheetrock and other materials from damage and make them easier to carry from place to place; they are also helpful for reducing your risk of sprains and other injuries. Because worksite injuries typically occur on household projects, it is best to try to remove all threats whenever possible and to reduce the risk of strain by learning proper lifting techniques, getting help from others and using a drywall carrier when help is not available.

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